Chauffeur Ghana

Phoenix Kreativez unveils Chauffeur Ghana Ltd website

Phoenix Kreativez; your no.1 digital marketing and concept development brand; is pleased to announce the unveiling of our new project; the design of a website for Chauffeur Ghana Ltd (CGL).

Chauffeur Ghana
Chauffeur Ghana blue logo

This website aims to help project CGL as a major player in both the tourism and hospitality industries of not only Ghana; but also the West African sub-region; and then add the entire African continent in the long run. Part of the brand’s services includes a corporate shuttle service; chauffeuring and car rentals; as well as the promotion of the many tourist destinations our fine country has to offer.

Chauffeur Ghana
Chauffeur Ghana yellow logo

Wishing to connect with Chauffeur Ghana Ltd?

CGL is on Facebook; Twitter and Instagram. We would like to extend our immense gratitude to the entire brand for granting us the opportunity to help contribute to their ever-growing success; and may they continue to drive forward and toward their goals.
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As of today, the website is no longer active. Sorry for any inconvenience caused

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